Reading List March 2015

I’m on a cycling kick this month Great read on what it takes to make it as Pro-Cyclist Domestique and It’s all about the bike opened my eyes to the role of tactics in cycling, you can only win a race if your team work for you. Really felt sorry for Graham Obree after reading […]

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Reading List for July/August 2013

I’m reading the following this month: Crime: Ideas: Football:

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A list of talking points for a client training session. Search: Advanced operators, preview tool, toolbar, Chrome “Incognito” search, Logged into Chrome (can call up tabs on other devices) Different types of Search & Results: Google+ Box Maps / Local Images Knowledge Graph Google Now Youtube Google Play Webmaster: Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Tag […]

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CEOs Guide to Remarketing

This is a guide for CEOs to Remarketing (can also be called Retargeting) What is remarketing and why should you care? Remarketing is a way of showing banner ads to people who have already been on your website. As you know what they have done on your website you can show a more appropriate ad. […]

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CEO Guide to Attribution

This is a guide for CEOs to attribution, it will give you the question to ask, why you are asking, examples of tools / reports, additional reading and next steps. What is attribution and why should you care? Attribution is the way of measuring the journey your customers take before converting on your website. By […]

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Match of the Day is Dead

Imagine you are 18, a football (soccer) fan and you have to choose between each of the following: ROUND 1 Gary Lineker on MOTD talking about the Manchester Derby Or   ROUND 2 Match previews with Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson and Alan Shearer Or   ROUND 3 Talk Sport covering a new kit launch Or […]

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Reading List

My current reading list: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose A nice quick look into the early days of Zappos, Tony Heish talks through his philosophy, importance of amazing customer service and focusing on your core competencies Trust Me, I’m Lying Ryan Holiday talks through his life as a generator of online buzz and how […]

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Checklist for Google Play Store App Rankings

What are the things you need to consider to improve your Google Play Store rankings and grow your install userbase? 1) Your app should be responsive and designed to provide a great user experience across phones and tablets. Make sure to read Android developer guides to tablet quality and designing for tablets. 2) You should always […]

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Ireland Needs to Give its Kids Rockets!

Event Overview This is a quick summary of a presentation I gave at the London Irish Business Society event at PWC London, the event was titled “Ireland Tech Capital of Europe” The other speakers included the very entertaining Conor Murphy who talked about his experiences with getting his fantastic business Datahug off the ground and […]

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First Post

The famous First Post! For those (few) that are interested I am relaunching this website with the goal of expanding upon various articles and presentations that I have written so far this year. The theme of the website will be around the near future of online marketing and what it means for your business Feel […]

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